The family

Gerti, the good fairy of the house, is always striving for the welfare of the guests.
Her duties do not only include the winery, the guest house and administrative activities, but she is also responsible for external activities such as the yard and the flowers.

One of Hansi’s passions is the distillation of schnaps and therefore, he is responsible for organizing the viticulture and agriculture.

Michael is responsible for the vinification of the wines of character.
He is also responsible for the vineyard, winemaking, bottling, sales and marketing, cellar tour, wine tasting and much more.

Michaela is always assisting Gerti in the winery.
She is also responsible for the reservations in the winery, bed and breakfast and supports her husband in administrative activities and presentations.

Patrick has been in charge of the Uniqa insurance since 2008. However, he is always happy to help out in our winery.

Heidi's job is mainly attending to the accounting but she also assists us in our winery whenever we need her help.

Johanna, and her little brother, Stefan, are responsible for the welfare of our youngest guests.


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